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Authentic Caesar Salad Recipe

Caesar Salad

Caesar Salad was invented on the 4th of July by a man named Cesare Cardini.
On the year 1924, the Italian American restaurateur ran its business in Tijuana, Mexico, to escape the madness of Prohibitionism. Having run out of food for the weekend, Mr. Cesare ingeniously crafted a daily special using olive oil, eggs, romaine lettuce and bread for his hungry customers. The dish became an instant success and was exported to the US as the Caesar Salad we know today.
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Authentic Pastiera Napoletana Recipe


Pastiera Napoletana is an Italian pie, traditionally baked on Maundy Friday and consumed on Easter Sunday. Its origins trace back to Roman times, when eggs, ricotta cheese and wheat would be mixed together to celebrate the coming of Spring.
The cake, as we know it today, was supposedly rediscovered in the XVII Century by the nuns of San Gregorio Armeno, a convent in the city of Naples, that made it famous by adding orange blossom water, candied fruits and spices to the original version.
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